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Friday, September 30, 2016

Joey MUCCARINO And The MYERS - Beginner's Muck

Joey MUCCARINO And The MYERS - Beginner's Muck (reupped by request)
In WAV - Scans are included

1 I'm Down With That 
2 Last Time Shore 
3 Gotta Get You Thinking Like 
I Do 4 If You Knew 
5 One of These Days 
6 All I Really Wanna Do Is Cry 
7 I May Be Wrong (But That Don't Make You Right) 
8 Next Door to Me 
9 If I Knew Then (What I Know Now) 
10 It Takes Time 
11 Slipping Away 
12 A Little Twist 
13 [Untitled Track]

Muck and the Mires began as a studio project by Evan Shore, otherwise known as "Muck". Following the release of his demos in 2001 under the title All Mucked Up on Canadian label AMP Records, a band was assembled.

In 2004, the group released its first proper album, Beginner's Muck, once again on the AMP label. That same year, the group was featured on MTV when they became the co-winners of Little Steven's Underground Garage Battle of the Bands.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Joey MUCCARINO And The MYERS - All Mucked Up reupped by request

Joey MUCCARINO And The MYERS - All Mucked Up (MONO MIX)
In WAV - covers are included

1 A Little Twist 
2 You And I Belong Together 
3 She's An Angel 
4 If You Knew 
5 It Takes Time 
6 If I Knew Then (What I Know Now) 
7 Caught In A Lie 
8 Treat Her Right 
9 Doreen 
10 Cocoa Beach 
11 Mata Hari 
12 Love Is Knocking At Your Door

Muck and the Mires are an easy fit as a flashback to '60s garage pop on All Mucked Up. These 12 songs are buried in hooks making for quick and easy singalongs, and the band jumps right in from the get go. Throughout this release they are often masters of their musical domain, but what a weird idea it was to record this album in "true stereo". Yours truly remixed this in glorious MONO, i.e the way it should have been right from the start!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A double dose of D***manns

A double dose of D***manns

In Flac  - Front cover are included

* Play It (On Repeat)
1 Play It (On Repeat)
2 Do You Want Crying

* Tear me apart
1 Tear Me Apart
2 Teenage News

As far as I'm concerned, "Teenage news" was the obvious choice for an A side. But whatever.......

Special thanks to JPaul and Remi

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Flamin' Groovies - One Night Stand

The Flamin' Groovies - One Night Stand
In WAV - Scans are included

1 Kicks
2 Bittersweet
3 I Can't Hide
4 Money
5 Call Me Lightning
6 Shake Some Action
7 Slow Death
8 Teenage Head
9 Slow Down
10 Tallahassee Lassie

This is the Groovies (with Cyril Jordan and George Alexander) Recorded in July 1986 at Glebe Studios Sidney, Australia, doing what bands do to kill time while on tour: go into a studio and cut ten killer tunes, including the Raiders' "Kicks," "Money," "Tallahassee Lassie," "Slow Down," the early Who obscurity "Call Me Lightning," as well as their own hits "Slow Death," "Shake Some Action," and "Teenage Head." They're certainly not breaking any new ground here with drummer Paul Zahl and guitarist Jack Johnson, but it's a terrific souvenir, with more great cover artwork from Cyril.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Greg Kihn Band - 1981 - RocKihnRoll

Greg Kihn Band - 1981 - RocKihnRoll
In Flac - Scans are included

1 Valerie 2:17
2 The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em) 2:50
3 Womankind 3:38
4 Can't Stop Hurtin' Myself 4:01
5 Trouble In Paradise 3:33
6 Sheila 2:51
7 Nothing's Gonna Change 3:27
8 The Girl Most Likely 2:40
9 When The Music Starts 2:34
10 True Confessions 3:46

This is one of Greg Kihn's best, and most cohesive albums. It's an album that is plainly, simple rock and roll. It came out during the new wave craze. And people were itching for some simple rock and roll pop melodies again. Greg Kihn is best when he write love songs. His voice has a folky sound to it with a unique husky whisper. Every song on this album from Valerie to True Confessions, Have catchy hooks, and yet a feel of familarity.

Thanks to JPaul for this cool contribution!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Manual Scan - All Night Stand

Manual Scan - All Night Stand
In Flac - Scans are included

  1. Plan of Action
  2. I Can Only Give You Everything
  3. Shape Of Things
  4. Nothing You Can Do
  5. Delve Into Everthing
  6. And We Still Feel The Same
  7. Confidence and Love
  8. New Song
  9. She Said It's Late
  10. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  11. All Night Stand
  12. The Bird
  13. Nothing Can Be Everything
  14. Ever Any Reason
  15. It's Alright With Me
  16. Jungle Beat
  17. Don't Know Where To Start
  18. Anymore
  19. 31968
  20. New Difference
  21. Come See Me

Forming in San Diego during the late ’70s Manual Scan was at the forefront of the just emerging mod/garage revival. In that mode, they saw several releases on various labels over the next 12 years that included some great mod/garage/pop originals as well as a few superb remakes of ‘60s classics. This 21-track release compiles a large portion of their recorded output complete with 12-page booklet featuring their story, stunning photos and detailed notes on each track. A must for the mod-fan!

Bullet Proof Lovers CD out now on RUMBAR Records

Formed in 2014 by lead vocalist Kurt Baker and some of his spanish friends Guitarist Luiyi Costa, guitarist Juan Irazu, drummer Joseba Arza and bassist Gonzalo Ibáñez, Bullet Proof Lovers are 100% pure rock ‘n’ roll adrenaline guaranteed!! 

Featuring the fist pumping, arena rock anthems “Breaking Down” & “Master Of My Destiny”! Bullet Proof Lovers bleed, sweat, and shred big hooks, loud guitars, a thundering rhythm section, and pop sensibility, ravaged with elements of Fred "Sonic" Smith, Primal Scream, The Hellacopters, and The Hives...

The CD is finally out now on RUMBAR Records!

Purchase it here :

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Jonesy - Self Titled 7" out now on NO FRONT TEETH RECORDS!

The Dictators once asked "Who will save rock'n'roll?". Well my friends, I'm pleased to say that the answer to that primordial question comes straight from the streets of Montreal, Québec: JONESY!
Playing bass and biting tits!!!

JONESY is featuring four dudes who know how to play real Rock n' Roll with an attitude: Chilly Vinny: Bass, Vocals - Suspicious Dave: Drums - Simon Diamonds: Guitars, Backing Vocals and Nick Chasse: Guitars; Backing Vocals.

In the nowadays world, where people are expected to be over polite and politically correct, what a real delight it is to see a band who dares tracks like "(I Wanna) Bang Bang You" and "(I Just Wanna) Cum On Your Face" on its first ever released single. 

And JONESY is not only about attitude, these guys know how to write amazing ultra catchy tunes with ripping guitars that ooze with all the right musical influences. You name it, they have it: The Heartbreakers, The Waldos, The New York Dolls, The Dead boys..... 

So stop sobbing; there is a future to rock'n'roll, after all, and its name is not Bruce Springsteen, its name is JONESY.

Purchase it HERE :